Rationale for Yearbook on Media Quality

After the liberalisation of the media space in Tanzania in the 1980s and 1990s, media outlets have mushroomed, but the quality of media reporting in the country has not been thoroughly assessed, although it has attracted interests from governments, media stakeholders and development partners. The Yearbook on Media Quality in Tanzania responds to this need to have a systematic and continuous knowledge of media quality.

Media scholars, media practitioners and the public usually have similar expectations of the quality of reporting. These requirements include observing the social-political environment, reporting on issues that are relevant to various audiences, reporting the truth, giving a comprehensive report not only on day-to-day events, but also the underlying trends and causes of development. This will set the political agenda, create a forum for public debate that allows diverse range of views, and will hold power holders accountable

The Yearbook is meant to strengthen the awareness of media reporting quality in the country and to stimulate discussion on the same with the view of improving the quality of reporting. It is an information resource for journalists, editors, media managers, media owners, media organisations, policy makers, academia, and everyone who wishes to be actively involved with the development of our media and their contents.