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Masters of Arts in Mass Communication



The objective of the one year programme is to enable first degree holders and those with equivalent qualifications wishing to become journalists , learn and acquire skills, knowledge and attitudes needed in journalism to enable them work well in reportorial and editorial assignment for news papers, magazines, radio, television news agencies and in Public Relations offices.


Possession of a first or second degree, or Advanced Diploma in any discipline.

  • To provide specialized training in specific field of Mass Communication.
  • To enhance competence and skills in specialized areas of Mass Communication, Journalism, Public Relations and Advertising.
  • To facilitate possible upgrading for Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations and Advertising degree holdres who do not have the requisite GPA to be admitted into Masters of Arts programmes.
Course Structure and Duration

Postgraduate Diploma in Mass Communication is a one year academic year programme, leading to the award of Postgraduate Diploma in Mass Communication (PGDMC).

The study programme consists of lectures, seminars, workshops, and fieldswork, a written examination and research paper. During the final part of the course, candidates are attached to media organisations for practising training.

As part of the practical training, each candidate is required to undertake a research project as a final requirement for the completion of the programme.
The research project can take the form of either an academic paper on an acceptable subject from the field of journalism, or mass communication, or comprehensive report for popular publication such as a series of newspaper articles, a magazine article or a radio-television documentary.

The research project , whether in print or broadcast, must be of publishable quality, accompanied by a bibliography and a statement on research methodology