Mlimani Media House

The Mlimani TV
Mlimani Television was established in mid 2008 as a subsidiary of the University of Dar Es Salaam and a conception of Radio Mlimani's administration. We seek to have a contribution in the development of this country and to nurture today and tomorrow's citizens. We hope to achieve this by producing a selection of programs that we air both local and international. The television's idea is from two stand points: to educate while entertaining (edutainment) and to inform while entertaining (infotainment). The programs are tailor-made to suit our viewer's base which has been part of our family since the inception of the media house.

Vision and Mission
To be a force to reckon with in the enlightening, educating, informing and entertaining our viewers and while merging the nation's diversities.

Our mission is to give the intellectuals pursuing education in the mass media, public relations and journalism, a platform where they can broaden their education into hands on practical education.

Also to repackage the information the youngsters' access so as to ensure that they are appropriately equipped to tackle the world and to encourage our viewers to take part in building our nation.

The Station's Coverage:
Our current program airing of programs are clearly and finely received by viewers across the Coastal Regions that is  Dar es Salaam, Iringa, Tanga, Zanzibar, Coast and Morogoro regions.

Airing and Programs Types:
Our airing is for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our programming is quite exquisite and robust. The program line-up will juggle both live and recorded shows that shall venture into discussing and shading light on the following issues.

  •     Poverty Eradication
  •     HIV/AIDS pandemic
  •     Corruption
  •     Democracy and Good governance
  •     Malnutrition and other chronic and killer diseases such as malaria, TB etc
  •     Education
  •     Technology
  •     Children's rights
  •     Gender
  •     Music
  •     Economy
  •     Sports
  •     Drama
  •     Religion (Friday and Sunday)

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